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aRIA Currency

Next generation Proof of Stake consensus – a Super Fast, peer 2 peer Electronic Cash System with a very low transaction fee. Be your own bank with full control of your digital assets. Or just hold for passive income.

Next Generation of Bitcoin!

Overview of technology behind aRIA Currency

Proof of Stake V3

Truly Decentralized

aRIA uses a proprietary POS algorithm that completely eliminates issues with short range and coin-age attacks. Features and fixes will stay up to date as aRIA is linked to Bitcoin development trees and kept in sync.

Fast, Secure & Low Transaction Fees

Global Transactions

aRIA Currency’s advanced and proprietary blockchain algorithms allows for incredibly fast transactions, secure validators and ultra low fees. You can send and receive aRIA in an instant or with upcoming payment systems. Pay for groceries, services, etc just like a bank card. Forget about wire transfers!

Help secure the network and make passive income

Get Rewarded

aRIA Currency utilizes a 2nd layer protocol in order to further help decentralize coins, secure the network, and participate in getting Rewards. Rewards are in the form of additional, free aRIA coins just for holding in your wallet.  Rewards will be based on your amount of holdings, length of holding, difficulty, etc.  But will be much higher than most Money Market accounts

No other Coin that can become a truly decentralized World Currency

Advanced Proof of Stake

Receive rewards while holding aRIA Currency for supporting the network, without the need for expensive mining hardware.

Use Case

aRIA is not just an investment, but a real electronic currency that will be used to purchase items, services, advertising, almost free wire transfers, etc. in the very near future.

Cold Staking

Keep your aRIA Currency secure in cold storage while a hot wallet can be used for trading or transactions.  Similar to a checking and savings account!

Sustainable Economics

Long term balance between inflation and deflation. Engineered to be scalable, decentralized and resilient.

Hold your Coins and help secure the network.

All New Wallets!

Please download from one of the following links for which Wallet you would like to use. Read the instructions listed in the zip file under README. NEVER give your private keys to anyone and make sure you do a wallet back up and store that on a flash drive. Latest additions on V2: Increased Security, one click staking (50 aRIA minimum), Network Peers, etc.  For Linux Node set up, you can view the video  here 

Web application

Windows 10+ 64 bit

Apple iOS

Linux Ubuntu 18.04

Technical Details

Please review White Paper for further technical specifications and updates.

Cold Stake Delegating

It allows the creation of staking pools where users don’t need to find a block to get rewarded. The pool operator collects all the rewards, subtracts his fee, and then redistributes the remaining part across all stakers, percentually based on the amount of delegated coins. This prevents centralization which might happen once aRIA price goes up, and ensures further network decentralization, allowing the small stakers/investors to receive staking rewards on a daily basis to their mobile wallets for daily spending, while their staking coins are being safely stored on a hardware or offline wallet.  (Cold Staking has now been implemented as of March 20 2022.)

Always Up to Date

New features and fixes are continuously developed by the Bitcoin community and aRIA will be merged with those so that development will be in sync for life.

Improved P2P and POS

More stable, faster, less network bloat, reduced redundancy, and less resource consumption than Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Block Time

A new block can be completed in 60 seconds, making it more than 10 times faster than Bitcoin and much cheaper on gas than Ethereum. An exponential difficulty adjustment algorithm is used, leading to more predictability and less spikes in block times.

Coin Staking Maturity

It takes 100 blocks for the newly minted coins and stake to mature.  Coin Staking can only occur once the coins are fully mature.  The average reward emission per year is 183,960.

Block Rewards

The current Block Reward is 0.35 RIA / block.  The last block will be at 27,142,858 at about the 51 year mark. 

Advanced Qt wallets

aRIA Full Node QT Core Wallets are available in Windows, Linux and iOS.  In the near future, we will development mobile apps and web based wallets that you will be able to use for instant retail transactions and exchanging your currency.

aRIA Currency specifications

Total Supply

10 Million

Block Reward


Reward Maturity

100 blocks

Consensus Algorithm


First consensus

<1 second

Average Block Time

<60 seconds

Last Block Reward

27,142,858 (50.5 years)

Tx Fee

$0.001 average

RIA Proof Of Stake

aRIA Currency Official Cold Staking Delegation Addresses:





*Delegate coins to these addresses only! Don’t send coins to this address!
Click Here for a “How To” on Cold Staking with your Wallets.

Learn more in the:


The aRIA Currency Community will publish detailed white papers outlining the aRIA Currency network, technology, and economics as time permits. 


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